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22 nov 2008 - Kroa med El Cako! CC. 200,-/50,-

Serious Flyer! Funny Flyer!

Ketil ble for sterk kost for enkelte, og en det ble derfor to postere ... igjen

22 nov 2008 - Kroa med Podium! CC. 100,-/80,-

Serious Flyer! Funny Flyer!

23 & 24 mai 2008 - Huset med Howlin' Huskies - i forbindelse med Anne Lises 60-årsdag

07 mars 2008 - Solfestuka på Kroa

29 sept 2007 - Huset med Howlin' Huskies

Mytteri i Skansbukta - SOLD OUT!

July 2007 - Mytteri i Skansbukta! The Bringers of Spekkbetong and their horde invade Skansbukta and prevail despite the elements.

Sold out show.

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May 2007 - Our rinky-dink guestbook has perished. Good riddance. If you want to lavish us with praise or send hate mail, contact us directly.

May 2007 - Schmeerenburgh wants your pictures!!! Email pictures of you or someone else wearing one of our t-shirts in an exotic locale, and you will be forever* immortalized in our gallery: Schmeerenburgh Around the World!

*we make no claim that this webpage, or the internet for that matter, will be time eternal.

April 2007 - Download the latest Schmeerenbugh Newsletter here

Kroa - Fredag 9. mars 2007 kl. 2230 med Podium. C.C. 100,-

Huset - Lørdag 14. okt 2006 kl. 00.00. C.C. 85,-

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Kroa - 20. Mai 2006.

Schmeerenburgh featured in Utropia!

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Huset - 25. mars 2006.

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Selvstyrt Ungdomshus pESolfestuke - 8. mars 2006.

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Huset - 2. des. 2005.

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Kroa - 12 nov. 2005.